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Me and...
Vaughn Armstrong (DST3'14)
oh Vaughn Vaughn Vaughn... you're great!
LeVar Burton (DST3 '14)
best convention moment EVER!
Anthony Montgommery & Linda Park (FC '13)
John Barrowman & Eve Myles (FC '13)
The Ferengi (FC '14)
Alexander Siddig (FC'14)
JG Hertzler & Robert O'Reilly
The Klingons (FC '12)
the poor tribble needed counseling afterwards ;)
Chris Judge (FC '09)
great and funny Panel
Nana Visitor (FC '09)
thanks for giving me the
idea with that comicstrips!
Chase Masterson (FC 2010)
She is such a sweetheart
, lovely woman and great singer
Jason Momoa (Collectormania London '09)
This man is damn cool and so tall!
Garret Wang (FC 2011)
One of the most funniest
entertainer I ever seen! And perfect MoC!
Suzie Plackson, Michael Dorn
and Terry Farrell (FC 2010)
Me and the tall guys.
Terry is so lovely and cute!
Joe Flannigan and David Hewlett (FC 2010)
brilliantly funny;
Joe to my husband while both hugging me:
"see you later bro... bye"
John Billingsley (FedCon '09)
hilarius funny Panel, nice guy

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