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The Enterprise Blues Band Comic Adventures - Planet of Casting
The Enterprise Blues Band - the members of one of my favourite band - needs to rescue the universe or at least the music. Will they defeat the CastingTower guild despite the little helper UcPS the author gave them?
Status: complete

Bill Jones (01.10.08)
Wow, Nici/Jadzia ...that was so much fun! There's so much creative talent on this forum and I for one am honored to be among you all! And of course, I don't mind that Vaughn is singing my song. Now, its in 'animation form' and that is so cool! Thank you so much for this...and I look forward to future adventures. I also hope that we all get a 'casting' and soon. I love the little gold earring... nice touch. Thanks again... Bill
Ronald Moore (01.10.08)
That was just super! Very talented indeed. Thanks for posting.
Vaughn Armstrong (01.10.08)
I told you in an e-mail, Nici, but I want to make it public. You are so talented! Bill's right. This forum is full of talented people. THese comic characters are so cute. Thank you for making us look so young...even if we are over 30. I know this is a lot of work and I appreciate the effort. We are blessed to have people like you thinking about us! Thank you sooo much!